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All About Lip Augmentation You May Never Know Before!

So, you are thinking of getting lip augmentation this time. After all, who does not want gorgeous and full lips that highlight their facial features more? Then, we can expect that you are well aware of its advantages, like youthful, fuller, and more luscious lips. But before heading for this, you should know that its perks do not end here. There are more you can have from this cosmetic procedure.

What Is Lip Augmentation and How Does It Work?

The short answer is lip augmentation improves the aesthetics of your lips.

As you age, your lips lose volume, and you see a deflated appearance. But with the lip augmentation process, you can enjoy fuller and plumper lips than before. This cosmetic procedure can dramatically change the overall facial appearance. Generally, dermal fillers and botox injections are the most popular techniques to complete this process. However, these techniques may take time to show the results. It starts with injections, like local anesthesia, around the mouth and then proceeds into the lips with fat transfers.

Now, let’s come to how this procedure works. The aestheticians use fine needles to complete the procedure. And once the experts observe and evaluate the injection sites, they carry on the process rapidly. This lip filler treatment comes with little downtime.

The best benefits you can enjoy with this lip augmentation process are not just fuller and luscious lips but beyond that. For example:

  1. Improve the shape of your lips
  2. If you have asymmetrical lips, lip augmentation can fix that.
  3. Enhance your lip projection while adding volume to your thin lips

To ensure the results, you can follow us on Instagram and see the before and after pictures of our clients who we have treated so far.

Yes, you may feel a little swelling and discomfort after the lip augmentation treatment. That’s why you can apply ice or a cool cloth if required to reduce swelling and pain. Since we use straightforward and advanced techniques and all our specialists are trained and skilled, you won’t find any scars.

However, you can see the difference within a short time, like three to four weeks, and get natural-looking lips. It can last up to six months to a year if you follow proper aftercare. For instance:

  1. Make sure you do not rub your lips within two days after the procedure.
  2. Try to avoid putting on lipstick after the treatment.
  3. Do not smoke or consume alcohol for at least three weeks after the lip augmentation procedure.
  4. Lie down in an elevated position to reduce the swelling.
  5. Do not wear makeup for at least one week after the lip augmentation.
  6. It is better to skip strenuous exercises, like swimming or going to the gym.

In Conclusion

You can regain your confidence with our lip augmentation procedure. We ensure a long-term solution for your thin and dull lips with a secure and comfortable treatment. No matter what your age is, you can contact us to get back your aesthetic facial appearance. Stay connected to know more!

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